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Freight Co. Moving To Encinitas

Firm Hires 50 Staffers, Aims to Add 200 More

Flock Freight, a logistics technology company focused on the trucking industry, has announced it will be moving its main headquarters from Solana Beach to Encinitas.

Firms Leverage Tech to Drive Business

MARKETING: Cos. Launch AI, Digital Products

Power Digital, San Diego’s largest digital marketing agency, continues to expand its services to support the nation’s largest brands.

Execs Launch Diversity-Focused Nonprofit

BIOTECH: Organization Seeks Community Partnerships

San Diego Squared (SD2), a nonprofit focused on increasing the number of minorities in the life science and technology industries, is seeking to partner with local organizations to expand its reach in San Diego.

Printing Co. Exceeds Customers Expectations

MARKETING: Firm Has Served Over 45,000 Customers Worldwide

San Diego-based Printivity, an online printing company continues to find success after more than a decade in the business. Founded in 2010, Printivity was started by founder and CEO Lawrence Chou and was built from the ground up.

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Seqster Raises Funds, Grows Team

Co. Received $12 Million Series A to Support Growth

San Diego-based Seqster, the leader in patient-centric healthcare data technology, has raised $12 million Series A from healthcare investors to support its growth.

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Classy Helps Nonprofits Raise $3 Billion

TECHNOLOGY: Fourth Round of V.C. Funding Nets Co. $118 Million

Classy, operator of an online platform used in nonprofit fundraising, has raised $118 million in a fourth round of venture capital funding.

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Cos. Raise $2.4 Billion

FINANCE: Life Science Leads Q1 Investment

San Diego venture capital investments got off to a strong start this year reaching its second highest quarter of funding raised on record.

Yembo Raises $8.5 Million Series A

Seattle Investors Help Co. Expand Its Reach

Yembo, a software startup that uses deep learning technology to inventory items, has completed a $8.5 million Series A round to expand its reach into new industries.

ImmunoScape Raises $14 Million

Co. Will Move Into New Lab, Deepen Relationships

ImmunoScape, a biotech company which specializes in cancer treatment, has raised $14 million fundraising round.

Child Care Co. Aims to Expand Nationwide

TOOTRiS Has 32,000 Service Providers on Platform

One of the biggest problems for parents is finding a safe environment for their children while they work. Sorrento Valley-based startup, TOOTRiS is helping solve that problem.

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