Turtle Beach Corp., a gaming peripheral maker, isn’t just playing games. The Rancho Bernardo based business is making some marketing moves. The company announced it will be the official gaming partner of this year’s “Made In America Festival.” The Philadelphia musical event is curated by Jay-Z and produced by Roc Nation and DPS. The festival presents a wide range of musical acts.

“Partnering with Made In America Festival paints a very clear picture of the sheer strength and depth of our brand, as Turtle Beach is at the forefront of driving the convergence between gaming and pop-culture,” said Juergen Stark, CEO, Turtle Beach. “This year’s festival allows us to work with gamers who happen to be some of the most famous musical artists and athletes in the world to create stories and amazing moments for fans of gaming, music, and entertainment alike.”

If that’s not enough of a rush for gamers, Turtle Beach also announced partnerships with Melvin Ingram and Isaac Rochell of the Los Angeles Chargers (You remember them).

“We are excited for Melvin and Isaac to join team Turtle Beach as their personalities and passion for gaming are a perfect match for creating and delivering engaging and authentic content to our fans,” said CEO Stark.

If gaming’s worldwide popularity holds up, maybe the NFL will need to sign up some e-sports stars.

From livers to ease in manufacturing prototypes, 3-D printing is one of those technologies that has built up expectations.

Forecast 3D, a privately held 3-D printing, prototyping and production service provider announced the addition of two new printers.

Forecast has added two of HP’s Jet Fusion 5210 industrial 3-D printers to its lineup. The company is also offering a new elastic material option, created by BASF.

According to, Forecast, “the newest additive manufacturing advancement from HP Inc., the 5210 system, is enabling access to more applications and markets that require increased accuracy and repeatability for high volume production of parts. With improved speed, the 5210 system brings increased productivity for production environments, enabling FORECAST 3D to deliver end-use 3-D printed parts in quantities of millions faster than ever. “We’re excited to be a part of the 4th Industrial Revolution,” said Technical Director Ken Burns.