Nasseo Inc., a San Diego medical technology company, announced on Oct. 3 that it received a $225,000 small business innovation research grant from the National Science Foundation.

Nasseo’s specialty is enhanced surface technologies for dental and orthopedic applications. The business licenses intellectual property developed at the University of California, San Diego.

Nasseo said the new grant will further its work improving spinal implants by using a nano-engineered surface coating. It will apply the coating to polyether ether ketone (aka PEEK) orthopedic devices.

When applied to PEEK implants, Nasseo’s nanotube surface technology maintains the benefit of the material’s radiolucency — that is, its transparency to X-rays — while providing an enhanced bone response. The company said its aim is to improve the osseointegration of PEEK spinal interbody fusion devices — that is, make the connection between the natural bone and the artificial implant stronger.

Garrett Cale Smith, Nasseo’s co-founder and chief technology officer, is primary investigator on the study.

Nasseo holds four patents on nanotube platform technology. It has facilities in San Diego and Phoenix.