The Rady School of Management at UC San Diego announced that its Center for Business Analytics will partner with the Mirum Agency.

Mirum Agency is a digital agency that brings integrated analytics services to its global clients. The Center for Business Analytics is a data analytics research, innovation and education platform that partners with private businesses and public agencies to assist in problem-solving within data analytics.

Mirum Agency, as one of these partners, will give graduate students the opportunity to help it determine client needs using data analytics and business intelligence, according to a news release from the Rady School.

“The generous support Mirum is providing to the Center for Business Analytics will enable the advancement of innovative data analytics research and aid in the training of graduate students in the areas of analytics and digital marketing,” said Karsten Hansen, professor of marketing at the Rady School, in the release. “Data analytics is revolutionizing the business world and the Center for Business Analytics will help prepare Rady’s graduate students to become leaders in this sector.”

Graduate students will begin work this month on an innovations in healthcare marketing and communications program. Karen Bellin, Mirum’s VP of Insights and Action, will lead the program.