Nearly two-thirds of registered nurses over 54 are now considering retirement, according to AMN Healthcare and its Center for the Advancement of Healthcare Professionals.

Of those nurses over 54 years of age, 62 percent are planning to retire within the next three years.

"This data confirms what we've known anecdotally and allows us to finally put dimensions and a timeline around a predicted retirement surge," said Marcia Faller, a registered nurse and chief clinical officer at AMN Healthcare. "But the harm to the healthcare industry goes beyond the numbers. The loss of this intellectual asset may be acutely felt in terms of quality of care and patient satisfaction. To withstand this loss, healthcare administrators need help in preparing for the nursing workforce of the future."

A 2013 study from the National Forum of State Nursing Workforce Centers recorded that more than half of nurses are over 50.

The AMN survey, called the 2015 Survey of Registered Nurses, reveals that a retirement surge could influence the education of incoming nurses.

Eighty-five percent of nurses said they were satisfied with their career choice, but that their optimism waned when it came to questions regarding day-to-day aspects of their work and not having enough time to spend with patients. According to the survey, many are dissatisfied with their jobs and concerned about the future of the care environment.

Almost 9,000 registered nurses across specialties and fields participated in the biennial assessment. Further survey results will be presented at AMN Healthcare’s 2015 Healthcare Workforce Summit Nov. 13.

AMN Healthcare is a local healthcare workforce solutions and staffing services company that manages services programs, vendor management systems and recruitment (outsourcing and consulting services).