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A Thoughtful Approach to Animal Welfare

Tourism is among our region’s leading business sectors, and SeaWorld San Diego has been a centerpiece of that sector for 50 years. SeaWorld has existed alongside the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park as a zoological trifecta giving visitors an opportunity to experience wildlife in settings unmatched anywhere in the world.

By Reo Carr October 1, 2015 4:20 p.m. share »

San Diego’s Secret Wormhole to the Ivy League

Hanna Balcha plays on the women’s varsity squash team at Dartmouth College, one of the 19 colleges and universities that accepted her upon her graduation from The Preuss School UCSD.

By Reo Carr September 17, 2015 4:28 p.m. share »

Getting to the Bottom of Quest for a Free Lunch

The fabled “free lunch”? Your Economics 101 professor told you there was no such thing. Your professor may have been wrong. Just ask Dan Shea.

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Senate Must Not Undo Bipartisan ‘Doc Fix’

If you have been following health care news, you may have noted that, with some fanfare, the U.S. House of Representatives, in a 392-37 vote, approved House Resolution 173, the so-called “Doc Fix” legislation that addresses physician reimbursement under Medicare. This bill would repeal the sustained growth rate (SGR) formula under which Medicare compensation to physicians has been calculated to date.

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Stadium Work Should Not Be a Public Spectacle

At the end of January, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer appointed a nine-member task force to identify a site and develop a plan to pay for the construction of a new football stadium for San Diego and the Chargers.

By Reo Carr February 20, 2015 9:16 a.m. share »

JPA Could Provide Path to Stadium Solution

Shortly after my arrival in San Diego 15 years ago in my role as a newspaper editor, I was first introduced to what was at the time a smoldering issue: a new stadium for the San Diego Chargers.

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Methods to Minimizing That Holiday Madness

This time of year is always crunch time with shopping centers and grocery stores bustling with shoppers.

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Tapping the Potential for Innovation With Water

Where is the Silicon Valley of water?

By Reo Carr November 26, 2014 4:30 p.m. share »

Businesses Need Active Role in Water Conservation

It is no news that we are in the midst of a drought. However, some observers are calling this a drought of historic proportions, far worse than any we have previously seen.

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Water Will Reign As Issue Worthy of Attention

Confession is said to be good for the soul. Here is mine: I have a drinking problem.

By Reo Carr November 14, 2014 3:27 p.m. share »
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F-35, 5th Generation, Maintains San Diego Roots

It was an historic moment in which San Diego played a prominent role.

By Reo Carr November 7, 2014 2:39 p.m. share »

Aviation Advances Can Bring World to San Diego

Last week in this column, I offered you 5,000 miles for 5,000 feet. Using the recent visit to San Diego of music icon Paul McCartney as an example, I pointed out that he departed our fair city via a private jet from Gillespie Field in El Cajon, a regional airport with a runway of just over 5,000 feet in length.

By Reo Carr October 31, 2014 4:33 p.m. share »

Give Me 5,000 Feet and I Will Give You 5,000 Miles

Rock icon Paul McCartney performed at Petco Park on Sept. 29 to a sold-out audience and rave reviews.

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San Diego Well-Positioned to Lead Cyber Security Fight

In this column last week I described the threats posted by cyber attacks on our key commercial and national defense infrastructure and the cyber theft of financial information and intellectual property as the “Ebola of business.”

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Are You Active on the Cyber-Threat Frontlines?

The Ebola epidemic in Africa has focused the world’s attention on pandemic threats to the health of mankind.

By Reo Carr October 10, 2014 4:05 p.m. share »

The California Conundrum: the iPhone Effect

For the past several weeks I have focused on the efforts of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce to make San Diego the most business friendly community in California.

By Reo Carr September 26, 2014 3:23 p.m. share »

Business Friendliness is Nothing to Smile About

In last week’s column I encouraged readers to support the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce in their stated effort to make San Diego more business friendly. Little did I know how much work there is to do.

By Reo Carr September 19, 2014 4:18 p.m. share »

Market Has Spoken: Advocate for Small Business

Late last month the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce announced that the organization was taking a new direction: political activism, advocacy and improved communications with members and nonmembers alike. The chamber’s ultimate goal is to make San Diego the most business friendly community in California.

By Reo Carr September 12, 2014 12:59 p.m. share »

Whistleblower Laws Call for Sound, Clearly Defined Policies

A tidal wave of new lawsuits claiming retaliation against so-called whistleblowers has been hitting business owners in recent years.

By Brittany Meiling August 15, 2014 4:13 p.m. share »
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A Proper SUV for an Adventure in Luxury and Performance

What do you get when you genetically splice a mountain goat and a gazelle? The answer is embodied in the new Range Rover Sport Supercharged.

By Reo Carr September 3, 2012 midnight share »
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Mozart and Motors: Audi A8L 3.0T an Otherworldly Experience

I am Master of the Universe.

By Reo Carr May 21, 2012 midnight share »
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All in the Family: 911 Carrera S Packs Plenty of Punch

It was speed dating. Literally.

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We Apologize

The San Diego Business Journal e-news servers experienced a technical malfunction mid-day on Thursday, April 12. As a result, throughout the day on Thursday, many of our e-news subscribers received multiple emails announcing a breaking news item.

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