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Airgain Inc. to Acquire the North American Assets of SkyCross Inc.

Carmel Valley-based antenna specialist Airgain Inc. said on Jan. 6 that it signed a definitive agreement to acquire the North American assets of SkyCross Inc.

Source Intelligence Gets $17.5M in Funding

Source Intelligence, a Carlsbad company that takes a particular interest in its clients’ supply chains, received $17.5 million in funding from Kayne Partners.

Shannon Stewart Joins Executive Team at Affinity Sports

Affinity Sports, a software service provider for soccer associations, said Thursday it had appointed Shannon Stewart as its new vice president for customer success, leading the company’s sales and customer support operations.

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Software Is Taking the Pain Out of Those Delivery Windows

TECH: It Optimizes Route, Puts Customer In Contact With Driver

It’s the four-hour window that consumers know all too well. When will the plumber show up? When will the furniture people deliver the couch? Sometime between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. or in some similar stretch of time better spent doing something else.

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Qualcomm Talks Cars, Meds and More at CES

TECH: Co. Looking to Turn Corner, Go Beyond Phones

When you hear about cloud computing coming to your automobile, thank Qualcomm Inc.

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Creating A World View

TECH: Platform’s Data Paints Clear Picture of Local and Global Events

Tech startup RippleNami Inc. has developed a cloud-based, map-making tool that could significantly improve the way relief agencies, corporations and governments monitor and respond to global events.

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Co. Matches Expertise And Entrepreneurship

TECH: Ideator’s Platform Is About Helping Startups

Dozens of incubators and accelerators have emerged in San Diego’s maturing startup scene to help businesses get off the ground. But many applicants to these programs are rejected, leaving an underserved market of aspiring entrepreneurs looking for help.Silicon Valley tech executive and startup consultant Carter Wigell thinks there’s more to be done in the local innovation sector, which is why he launched his newest venture here in San Diego. His company, called Ideator, has created a technology platform and website that connects startups with advisers and resources.

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Company Introduces Robotic Dog at Consumer Electronics Show

A company with ties to San Diego has brought a robotic dog to CES 2016, the big consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.

XCom Global Launches New Mobile Hotspot

XCom Global Inc., a Japanese company with its U.S. headquarters in San Diego, announced the April launch of a new mobile hotspot, which won a CES Innovation Award at the consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas.

San Diego-Based Engineering Firm Acquires Talentscale, LLC

Local engineering firm Southern California Soil and Testing, Inc. (SCST) recently acquired Talentscale, LLC, a service-disabled, veteran-owned firm in Temecula.

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Andrew Viterbi Awarded Draper Prize for Engineering

Recognizing his work on a groundbreaking piece of software, the National Academy of Engineering awarded Andrew J. Viterbi the 2016 Charles Stark Draper Prize for Engineering.

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Software Cos. Leveraging Cloud-Based Service Models

TECHNOLOGY: SaaS Platforms are Expanding In Size, Scope of Offerings

Software as a service (SaaS) companies are characterized by low barriers of entry, low-cost startups and quick growth, a business model attractive to investors. In San Diego, these companies may fly under the radar, but some in the industry say that’s about to change.

CatalystFive to Rebrand as

Mingle LLC has acquired and will be rebranding its talent acquisition platform from CatalystFive to, Mingle CEO Mike O’Brien announced.

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From Commercial to Defense, Region Welcomes Robots

TECH: Robotics Hub Is Natural Fit With S.D.’s Tech Strengths

San Diego has been quietly preparing for its future as a robotics hub. Scientists at the U.S. Navy lab on Point Loma have long been working on machines that crawl and swim to help sailors and Marines do their jobs. The public, however, sees little of this work. Similarly, Northrop Grumman Corp. (NYSE: NOC) designs its autonomous military aircraft behind closed doors in North County.

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3-D Printing Companies Make the Mainstream

TECH: The Innovation Is Now Advancing In Variety of Sectors

Watch for news about 3-D printing during the year ahead. The process, also known as additive manufacturing, is an up and comer.