Omnitek Engineering Corp. 2017 Revenue: $1.1M

For the year, Omnitek reported $1.1 million in revenues compared with $1.3 million in 2016.

Qualcomm’s Next Chapter - LEGACY: Pioneering Family’s Role Ends At Co.; Impact on Community Is Enduring

LEGACY: Pioneering Family’s Role Ends At Co.; Impact on Community Is Enduring

The Jacobs family (of Qualcomm Inc.’s renown) has put its stamp on the communities of San Diego.

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Intel’s Past Missteps May Be Motivating Its 5G Efforts

TECH: Company’s Past Actions Ceded 4G to Qualcomm

Don’t be surprised Intel is ramping up its wireless competition with Qualcomm. The shocker is why the two haven’t been at each other’s necks for years.

Qualcomm’s Next Chapter - TECH: Intel Ready to Take On Qualcomm For 5G Dominance

TECH: Intel Ready to Take On Qualcomm For 5G Dominance

Intel Corp. is coming after Qualcomm Inc. — years after, you might say — in the battle for mobile technology dominance.

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Qualcomm Shareholders Re-Elect Directors

Paul Jacobs, former CEO and chairman of the board, took a bow at the annual shareholders meeting.

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Qualcomm’s $100 Question

Co. Faces Many Challenges to Boost Languishing Stock Price, Fulfill Pledge to Stockholders

The San Diego chipmaking giant is preparing to face shareholders at its previously postponed annual shareholders meeting, scheduled for March 23.

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Citing Buyout Talk, Qualcomm Board Says It Won't Renominate Paul Jacobs

Until recently he was executive chairman of the board.

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Report: Qualcomm Director Paul Jacobs Considers Bid for Firm

It's unclear how he would finance a bid for the company, which has a market value of about $90 billion.

ThinkTank Debuts TacticalLaunch, Veteran-Focused Incubator Program

ThinkTank Innovation plans to launch additional incubator and accelerator programs for entrepreneurs in the future.

Broadcom Ends Qualcomm Bid in Wake of U.S. Presidential Order

As ordered, Broadcom has also withdrawn its slate of nominees for the Qualcommm board of directors.

OUR VIEW: Qualcomm Should Remain Independent

From our view, there was nothing to like, and much to dread, if Broadcom had succeeded in taking control of Qualcomm.

Qualcomm Stock Down 5 Percent Following Order Barring Broadcom Bid

The deal was prohibited at the recommendation of a Treasury Department committee that reviews transactions for nation security implications.

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Trump Blocks Broadcom Bid to Acquire Qualcomm

The order directs Broadcom to end its proposed takeover of the San Diego tech giant.

Teradata Corp. Names First COO, CMO

About two-thirds of Teradata's leadership team are based in San Diego.

Qualcomm Hikes Quarterly Dividend 9 Percent

The move comes as the company readies for a meeting at which its shareholders will vote whether or not to replace the majority of its board with Broadcom nominees.