Those Software-Engineer Dollars Do Well in S.D. Comparatively

ECONOMY: ‘Real Earnings’ Locally Top San Francisco, L.A.

San Diego doesn’t have the most software engineering job openings in the nation. The ones it has, however, are definitely worth grabbing.

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The Myths of Cloud Computing

Figuring Out the True Costs, Risks And Complexities of the Cloud

Cloud computing is awash in myths and assumptions. The technology — which goes by the name “Software as a Service” or other names — is still poorly understood in many quarters.

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A Side Effect of Brexit May Be Damage to Pharma Research

PHARMA: UK’s Exit From EU Brings Huge Regulatory Questions

San Diego drugmakers are facing fallout from divisive politics across the pond, as local biotechs work to understand how Brexit will affect their research (and their bottom line).

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Ra Medical Aims to Be a Leading Light in Clearing Arteries

BIOTECH: Co. Says Competition’s System Is Slow, Expensive

A medical device company in Carlsbad is preparing to make its debut on the public markets following a product launch that could boost its revenues ninefold. The company, Ra Medical Systems Inc., just launched a new laser catheter device that could compete with a product of Spectranetics Corp., a company that just got acquired by Philips for $2.2 billion.

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Consortium Carefully Crafts A Fine-Dining Experience

With a Tip of the Toque to the Past And a $6.5M Renovation, Steakhouse Prepares to Offer More Than Just a Meal

For the past decade, operators of Consortium Holdings have created an eclectic array of San Diego-centric restaurant and bar concepts, several of which could be stops on an evening tour of the city’s burgeoning “foodie” culture that it helped spawn.

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San Diego's Wealthiest

The Wealthiest San Diegans list includes individuals with a primary residence in San Diego County. Estimates of net worth are based on information gathered from shareholder disclosures and stakeholder filings, credible published wealth reports such as Forbes and Bloomberg, wealth intelligence sources, and trusted sources. A few individuals cooperated with us to provide guidance for our estimates; most declined or did not respond.

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New Wealth Brings A Reinvest Culture

ECONOMY: ‘Returns’ Also Expected on Philanthropy

When considering the wealthiest people in San Diego, a few names easily come to mind: T. Denny Sanford, Irwin Jacobs, Malin Burnham, Ernest Rady. After all, their names are affixed to lecture halls, civic buildings and research institutes across the Torrey Pines Mesa.

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Employee-Focused Work Space Now a Table Stake, Not a Differentiator

Game rooms, funky art installations and even micro-brewery bars are popping up faster than ever in offices around San Diego County. The reason?

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Failing to Grasp Loan Terms Can Be Costly to Companies

FINANCE: Online Lenders Offer Fast Cash at a Price

For the husband-and-wife team behind Kindred Bravely, an Oceanside-based e-commerce retailer of maternity clothing, it was their business success — not their struggles — that prompted them to turn to a well-known online lender.

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Proposed Bank Already Has Solid Community Ties

Home-Grown Leadership Looking to Share And Support S.D.’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Acraft beer entrepreneur, a real estate investor and a philanthropist walk into … a bank?

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Taking Stock of the IPO Route

Rising Markets Fail to Draw Many Local Newcomers into Public Arena

If past is precedent, 2017 appears to be a good year for local companies looking to raise more capital through an initial public offering.

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Restoring the Salk Is Both Art and Science

$9.7M Building Restoration Had to Meet The Approval of Stakeholders, Regulators

The project of reviving the Salk Institute — the structure completed in 1965 on a canyon near the La Jolla cliffs — goes on much like any other major project in its labs. The process is methodical, scientific and well thought-out.

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