Swimming Robots Scoop Up Data, Generate Revenue

BLUE TECH: San Diego Companies Have Diverse Product LinesA sea lion or a penguin can be clumsy on dry land. Get one in the water, however, and it moves with remarkable speed, agility and grace — like it belongs there.

Hotel to Give Guests Just Enough Room

TOURISM: Sleeping Pod Provides Low-Budget Option to Social Travelers

At a time when many downtown hoteliers are promoting their accommodations as the ultimate in luxury – a Los Angeles developer is moving ahead.

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Incubator Program Hosts Firms Focused on Maritime Environment

BLUE ECONOMY: Port of San Diego Offers Funds and Other Help

One driving force behind San Diego’s blue economy is local government, specifically the Port of San Diego.

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Hospitals Must Spend Billions to Meet Mandates

FACILITIES: New Building Standards Take Effect in 2030

San Diego County’s hospitals and health care systems are planning to spend billions of dollars over the next decade to meet state seismic safety requirements.

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Made in San Diego, Deployed Worldwide

MANUFACTURING: Area Firms Fill Pentagon’s Varied Requirements

Much of San Diego’s sizable manufacturing capacity goes to support the Department of Defense.

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Cultura Develops a Unique Sense of Place In its Own Workspace

SDBJ Best Places to Work: Small Employer Category (15 - 49 U.S. EMPLOYEES)

Cultura is not just a furniture dealership. According to the company, it is a partner in creating places where people love to work, live, learn and play.

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Hughes Marino Values Excellence, Personal Growth, a Sense of Fun

SDBJ Best Places to Work: Medium Employer Category (50 - 249 U.S. EMPLOYEES)

Enjoy the journey. That’s one of the core values of Hughes Marino, a commercial real estate brokerage based in downtown San Diego that’s led by Jason and Shay Hughes.

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C&S Cos. Brings Staff Together for Personal Development, Softball

SDBJ Best Places to Work: Large Employer Category (250 - 1,999 U.S. EMPLOYEES)

For a large, national engineering firm, C&S Cos. still finds ways to keep employees connected.

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Swinerton Employees Build Up Benefits as They Transform Skyline

SDBJ Best Places to Work: Mega Employer Category (2,000+ U.S. EMPLOYEES)

A well-traveled barbecue smoker trailer is a key piece of equipment in the Swinerton Inc. inventory.

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Cloud Computing Levels the Playing Field for Small Businesses

TECHNOLOGY: Off-Premise Servers Offer New Capabilities, as Well

The widespread use of cloud computing is rapidly opening up business opportunities for small and medium-sized companies in San Diego.

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Cloud Computing: What It Is and What It Is Not

TECHNOLOGY: Research Makes the Transition Easier, Cuts Down on Surprises

efore businesses make the switch to cloud computing, it’s important that they understand what the cloud can and can’t do for them.

In Digital Age, PR Firms Need to Do More Than Just Master the Message

From Videos to Influencers, Cos. Need Right Tools, Techniques and Talent to Serve Their Customers

Public relations firms in San Diego are scrambling to adapt to change as digital technology continues to alter the way consumers receive information.

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