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Banking on Confidence

Improving Economy Prompts Companies to Expand, Build or BuySan Diego County banks are eagerly looking for borrowers in what’s become a highly competitive market.

By Ray Huard February 20, 2015 9:10 a.m.   $$ Share

Taylor Guitars Stays Close to Home to Find Global Talent

WORKFORCE: CFO Leverages Connections With SDSU, UCSD, USD

In addition to having a reputation for making quality musical instruments, Taylor Guitars is known as a local company that has successfully embraced an international business strategy.

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Worldy View

Local Universities Expand International Programs to Meet Growing Demand

As U.S. companies increasingly compete for international trade, local universities are ramping up their efforts to prepare their business students to meet the challenge.

Immunizing Medical Systems Against Cyber Threats Is Critical

MEDICINE: Health Record Systems Have Many Vulnerable Points

As patient information begins to flow electronically from hospitals to clinics, health care providers and patients are increasingly at risk of being targeted by hackers and criminals.

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Matters of Life and Data

MEDICINE: Providers Look For Secure, Effective Ways To Share Medical Records

Imagine a health care system with a central hub that collects all of a patient’s information: lab reports, allergies, prescriptions, doctor’s notes, sensitivities, and all the diet, exercise and lifestyle data collected by wearable and medical devices.

Federal Agencies Are Leaving Downtown Office Building

The upcoming exit by the U.S. General Services Administration from a downtown San Diego office tower could be cause for at least some temporary nervousness for the building’s owners and investors.

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Repositioning Gives New Life to Older Commercial Properties

WORKSPACE: Retrofits Growing in Popularity To Attract, Retain Tenants

Now that the economy is improving, owners of older commercial buildings in San Diego County are looking for ways to make their properties more attractive to tenants.

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Architects Have Designs on Meeting Demand for Infill Work

HOUSING: Downtown Land-Use Constraints Drive Creative Approaches

During the worst days of the recession, there was little work for San Diego architects, but that has changed in recent months, leading some firms to begin hiring in preparation for a busy year ahead.

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Building Pressure

With New Construction Sluggish, Improving Economy Leads to Absorption, Higher Rents

Health care and education not only continued to fuel much of the San Diego region’s innovation economy in 2014, but they also were the primary drivers of big new construction projects.

When It Comes to Auto Loans, Credit Unions Are On Board

FINANCE: Auto Lending Up 44% At Local Institutions

Credit unions are benefiting from a national trend of consumers replacing their aging vehicles and borrowing money at historically low interest rates.

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Mortgage Assurance

Local Credit Unions See Growing Market For Mortgage, Home Equity Lending

Once known primarily for making auto loans, more credit unions are expanding their mortgage lending, taking up some of the slack created from banks exiting the business.

Cloud-Based Platforms Will Speed Project Management

Companies such as San Diego-based NoteVault Inc. have developed mobile-enabled technology that lets construction superintendents quickly and easily report commercial project activity from work sites, allowing for real-time updates or corrections to projects.