Ambrx Takes in $10M Upfront for Drug Discovery Partnership

Ambrx’s platforms have netted $10 million upfront in a collaboration with BeiGene Ltd.

SD 500: Shelley Lyford

SD 500 recap: Shelley Lyford leads West Health, a collection of organizations focused on seniors and aging, developed under philanthropists Gary and Mary West.

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San Diego Therapy Platform Teams up with USD

eTherapyFinder and USD launched an initiative to help five California parishes with mental health training.

SD 500: Cam Garner

SD 500 recap: Cam Garner is one of the builders of the local life science sector and has worked in diagnostics, devices and pharmaceuticals.

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Biotech Investors Look For Red Flags and Green

Do you bet on the jockey or the horse?  That question kicked off a Feb. 27 investor panel at Biocom’s 9th Annual Global Life Science Partnering Conference. The query gets at whether investors prioritize a biotech’s science or the management team.

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SD 500: Tina Nova

SD 500 recap: Tina Nova is currently the president and CEO of a new molecular diagnostics company in San Diego.

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Neurocrine’s Rare Disease Drug Generates Positive Clinical Data

Interim clinical trial results were positive for a Neurocrine drug aimed at a rare genetic disorder affecting the adrenal glands, the company reported March 12.

SD 500: Mick Farrell

As CEO for ResMed since 2013, Mick Farrell has led the company into a new data-driven, diagnostic era, establishing the company as a world leader in digital health with more than 8 million patients in its connected health ecosystem and more than 2.5 billion nights of medical sleep apnea and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease data.

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SD 500: Ruth Westreich

Ruth Westreich became the president of her family endeavor, the Westreich Foundation, in 2002.

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CureMatch Partners with French Pharma Giant

CureMatch launched a partnership with Servier Group, the second largest pharmaceutical company in France.

SD 500: Susan Salka

Susan Salka is CEO, president and director of the nation’s largest health care staffing company, AMN Healthcare, and now splits her time between San Diego and AMN’s burgeoning presence in Dallas.

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Sanford Burnham Prebys Appoints 2 Trustees

Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute recently appointed two new board trustees: Matt Browne and David Szekeres.

ResMed Acquires HB Healthcare

San Diego-based ResMed, maker of cloud-connected sleep and respiratory care devices, has acquired South Korean company HB Healthcare for an undisclosed amount.

SD 500: Dawn Barry

As president of LunaDNA, Dawn Barry runs the first genomic and medical research database owned by its community of data donors.

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Erasca Brings in Big Series A

Erasca, founded on the bold goal of developing a new generation of oncology drugs, raised an additional $22 million as part of a Series A round.

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