Innovations City, a peer-to-peer online platform designed to help entrepreneurs, announced it will host its virtual global pitch competition for women of color entrepreneurs on May 20. 

In partnership with Arlan Hamilton, Founder and Managing Partner of venture firm, Backstage Capital, the event aims to shine a spotlight on women of color through its first of its kind live event. 

The top 10 finalists comprises of African-American, Hispanic, and Asian women entrepreneurs from different cities nationwide.

"I created the Innovations City platform with a goal to bridge the gap, use data and analytics to challenge unconscious bias, and revolutionize the pathway for women and minorities to create generational wealth and sustainability," Vilavanh Sanginthirath, chief executive of Innovations City said. 

The event will focus on empowering women of color to proactively go after funding, gain exposure to funding opportunities and connect with investors and other funders in the market.

Innovations City is also supported by many local businesses and investors with a scheduled guest appearance from Dr. Silvia Mah, director of the center for Peace & Commerce with University San Diego. 

Participants will face off in a Shark-Tank style pitch competition showcased on Wednesday, May 20 from 5 pm to 7 pm on its website. 

Registration to the event is free, to learn more visit