San Diego City Council took two actions benefiting small businesses, renters and their landlords on June 30.

The council extended a moratorium on evictions until Sept. 30. The moratorium was to expire at the end of June.

Under the moratorium, renters and small businesses affected by COVID-19 cannot be evicted if they notify their landlord in writing, on or before the day the rent is due, that they are unable to pay. They have one week to prove the financial hardship is a result of the pandemic.

Renters will have six months to pay unpaid rent, and landlords will not be allowed to charge late fees.

In addition, the council took $15.1 million from federal COVID-19 relief and created a program to help low-income residents pay their rent. Applications will be available no later than July 20, according to the San Diego Housing Commission, which will administer the program.

The emergency program will provide one-time grants of up to $4,000. Priority will be given to families with children and households with members age 62 or older, the commission said in a statement.

There is a possibility the fund could be expanded, said Councilmember Chris Ward, who proposed the program.