San Diego International Airport has broken its passenger traffic record for a sixth consecutive year, according to a press release. SAN served 25 million passengers in 2019 – of which more than one million were international passengers – a 4% increase over the previous year.

Several factors contributed to the growth, as per the release, including: Alaska Airlines' service to Everett, Wash., and added frequencies to several markets including Sacramento, Calif. And San Francisco; Southwest Airlines new service to Omaha, Neb., and increased frequencies to several markets like Reno/Lake Tahoe, Nev., Sacramento, and San Jose/Mineta, Calif.; and Delta Air Lines added frequencies and replacement of regional jets with larger mainline aircraft of flights to Seattle.

Overall, six new routes were added in 2019, with 13 of the 17 passenger airlines serving SAN experiencing an increase in passenger traffic, it reads. Alaska Airlines added the most passengers, according to the release, with 403,868 more in 2019 than the previous year. Southwest Airlines followed, with 367,150 more passengers and then Delta Air Lines, with 341,138.

SAN, managed by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority since 2003, offers nonstop service to about 70 destinations in the continental U.S, Europe, Asia, Mexico and Canada.

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