San Diego International Airport has launched a baggage pick-up, storage and delivery service. Located at a staffed kiosk in Terminal 1 next to baggage claim turnstiles, Baggage Nanny is a first-of-its-kind on-demand concierge service, according to a press release.

The goal of Baggage Nanny is to help travelers that arrive to their destination before their check-in time. Using a mobile-friendly website, users can drop off their bags at a designated terminal kiosk and, once ready to check-in, the company can drop off their bags to them. Baggage Nanny can also pick up bags and store them at requested terminal for the traveler’s ahead of their departure time, according to the press release, which adds that the company has full insurance, identity verification, numbered security tags and tamper-proof seals.

“Dealing with baggage is a major factor in why airport travel can be so stressful, especially when hotels and rentals have strict check-in and checkout times,” said Crystal Browning, CEO of Baggage Nanny, via a statement. “Baggage Nanny alleviates this stress by storing these bags and helps travelers spend more time enjoying their trip without having to drag your bags along with you. With San Diego as one of the most popular travel destinations in the U.S., our official launch here is a significant step toward introducing this new service to millions of travelers and airports across the country.”

Baggage Nanny is expected to open a second kiosk at Terminal 2 by the end of September. That station will be located at the base of the terminal’s escalators leading to the baggage claim area, as per the release. In addition to SAN, Baggage Nanny will expand to additional airports across the U.S. and roll out a mobile app in the coming months.

Travel & hospitality reporter Mariel Concepcion can be reached at or 858-634-4625.