United Airlines has opened its first satellite base to better accommodate its flight attendants in San Diego. According to a press release, the new model will be available at San Diego International Airport.

Previous to setting up the satellite base at SAN, United flight attendants who live in San Diego were mostly assigned flights originating from other cities. But now the satellite base allows them to operate United flights departing from and returning to the San Diego airport. In the last two years, the airline has increased its flying out of San Diego International by nearly 250 departures and more than 60,000 seats, according to the press release.

“Satellite bases are an innovative concept that will improve the quality of life for the hard-working men and women who live in the San Diego community,” said John Slater, United’s senior vice president of Inflight Services, via a statement. “It’s something that’s never been done before at our airline, and it reflects our deep commitment to not only these talented crew members but to the city of San Diego where United began operating nearly 90 years ago.”

United Airlines has nearly 400 employees in San Diego. The airline is currently working with SAN to finalize designs for a multimillion-dollar operations center that will house the airline’s cargo unit and ground services equipment. The new center is set to open next year.

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