General Atomics is part of a team that wants to support NASA’s next, unmanned trip to the moon.

The team answering NASA’s request for proposals is led by Draper, the engineering firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. NASA has been collecting proposals for its Commercial Lunar Payload Services, or CLPS, program.

Under the proposal, GA’s Electromagnetic Systems division will manufacture, assemble, integrate and test a lunar lander in the United States. Ispace, a Tokyo-based company with offices at California’s Moffett Field and Luxembourg, will design the lander and mission operations. Rounding out the team will be Spaceflight Industries Inc.

GA Electromagnetic Systems has a satellite-building facility in Colorado.

The team has proposed to support NASA in the delivery of small rovers and instruments to meet lunar science and exploration needs, advance development of lunar landers for human missions and conduct more research on the moon’s surface ahead of a human return.

Privately held General Atomics is based in La Jolla.