Rancho Bernardo-based LRAD Corp. said it received a $3.2 million order from the National Guard for 100X MAG-HS kits, its latest product.

The business makes high-decibel sound systems able to send intelligible communications over very long distances — roughly one-third of a mile in the case of the 100X MAG-HS product.

“This order, and recent LRAD 500X-MMT helicopter-mounted system and LRAD 360XL-MID Mobile mass notification kit orders, demonstrate the Guard’s commitment to using LRAD systems to support its domestic humanitarian, emergency and reconstruction missions,” said LRAD CEO Richard Danforth in a prepared statement.

LRAD announced the order on Nov. 13. It is the company’s largest order from the National Guard to date.

Stock in the company trades on the Nasdaq under the symbol LRAD.