San Diego-based Vical is terminating its herpes vaccine candidate following not-so-great mid-stage clinical trial results.

A phase 2 study did not hit a target involving annualized lesion recurrence for herpes type 2, or HSV-2, the leading cause of recurrent genital herpes.

“The annualized recurrence rate during the trial in the placebo group was far less than what was expected based on their self-reported history. As a result, there was significantly less power to show a vaccine effect in this trial,” Vical CEO Vijay Samant said in a news release. “We are extremely disappointed with the outcome and based upon these results, we will be terminating the HSV-2 program.”

Samant added the company is now focused on Vical’s antifungal drug candidate, for which a phase 2 trial is underway. The candidate, VL-2397, was licensed from Astellas Pharma.

In addition, Vical is in preclinical development with an intended treatment for chronic Hepatitis B.

The company’s stock opened June 11 at $1.63 a share, closing at $1.21.