Pechanga Resort & Casino, the Temecula-based casino hotel and the largest on the West Coast, announced on Tuesday via the company website that it is the first resort-casino in the United States to use surveillance robots around-the-clock. The casino resort has a staff of 300 security personnel, but the robots, manufactured by Mountain View-based Knightscope, are an added security measure.

“Public safety is paramount to Pechanga,” said Jared Munoa, president of the Pechanga Development Corp., in a blog post. “We believe it’s critical in today’s environment that we vet and use the latest strategies and tactics to keep our guests and team members safe. It’s just one of the new safety tactics we’re utilizing to help us protect our expanded operations.”

A stationary bot and a 5½-feet tall roving machine, the latter dubbed K5, are already being used to patrol the casino floor, while a second roving robot will be added to the team soon. The robots are programmed to obtain continuous 360-degree, high-definition night and day video and 24/7 photos in order to more closely monitor suspicious activity, packages and sounds. They can also auto-detect license plates as well as people and use thermal imaging which alerts on things like fires, according to the blog post.