Recent moves by San Diego medical device company Tandem Diabetes Care, taken together, will boost its local manufacturing footprint to meet demand for its insulin pumps and supplies.

The company’s new 50,000-square-foot facility on Barnes Canyon Road recently became fully operational. It houses two pump production lines and four cartridge manufacturing lines, as well as warehousing and office space.

In addition, Tandem Diabetes Care plans to relocate its remaining equipment and personnel from existing facilities on Roselle Street in San Diego.

“Our new facility is also designed to optimize our manufacturing processes and allow for greater operational efficiencies, which positions us well to achieve our long-term gross margin targets,” said Kim Blickenstaff, president and CEO of the company.

In conjunction with the new facility, the company reduced its Roselle Street lease by about 30,000 square feet, effective Feb. 1. Meanwhile, Tandem Diabetes Care extended leases for the remaining Roselle Street space, totaling 77,500 square feet, through May 2022.

The company stated that, all told, the deals will increase manufacturing square footage while lowering rent.

Tandem Diabetes Care makes the only touchscreen insulin pumps available in the United States.