Netradyne, a San Diego-based startup that makes software for commercial fleets, struck a partnership to develop HD maps for self-driving vehicles.

The company will work with Hyundai Mnsoft Inc., which provides navigation systems to parent company Hyundai Corp.

“Netradyne’s vision-based road feature analytics maintain the most technologically advanced HD maps,” Byoungkeun Woo, VP of Hyundai Mnsoft, said in a news release. “With this agreement, we will make additional efforts to develop our HD maps for the safety of all autonomous vehicles.”

Founded in 2015 by two former Qualcomm engineers, Netradyne’s core product combines a dashcam with deep learning and computer vision to provide drivers with safety alerts and inform fleet managers. Now, the company is looking to use the images generated by that device to crowdsource HD maps. This method is cheaper than other methods of mapping — such as LIDAR-based technology — and is easier to update.

“After going head-to-head with competitors within the space for nearly a year, Netradyne is looking forward to collaborating with an organization as forward-thinking as Hyndai Mnsoft,” Netradyne President Sandeep Pandya said in a news release.

Netradyne closed a $21 million funding round in September, with the plan to use some of the funds to build a mapping system.