Six tech executives have joined the board of San Diego’s technology incubator EvoNexus.

"The EvoNexus board increasingly represents the leadership of prominent technology and life science companies from around the globe,” said Evo’s CEO and co-founder Rory Moore. “Their financial and strategic support of EvoNexus and the Southern California innovation economy accelerates the launch and growth of new ventures that will lead the way in the development of transformational new products and services."

The new board members include Jason Zajac, executive vice president and chief strategy officer of ARM (acquired by SoftBank); Jonathan LeCompte, Pacific market president of Verizon; Robert Bridenbecker, vice president of technology strategy and planning at Blizzard Entertainment; Stefan Wolff, CEO of Peregrine Semiconductor; Greg Toland, CEO and Co-Founder of Extel Technologies; Richard Kurtz, director of corporate strategy at Bio-Rad Laboratories.

The board includes 37 members.