Global pharmaceutical giant Allergan is suing small San Diego drugmaker Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, claiming the local company is illegally selling unapproved new drugs.

Allergan’s complaints allege that Imprimis is doing this under the guise that it’s engaging in lawful “pharmaceutical compounding,” a practice by which a pharmacy or outsourcing facility combines, mixes, or alters ingredients of a drug to create a medicine tailored to the needs of an individual patient.

In a statement, Allergan said it was suing Imprimis because Allergan has a duty to put the safety of its patients first, and it believes Imprimis is putting patients and physicians at risk.

Imprimis responded in a public statement to the lawsuit.

"Allergan, one of the most powerful Big Pharma companies in the world, has filed this lawsuit against one of the smallest pharmaceutical companies in the world, to snuff out any competition to its high drug price strategies,” the statement said. “Allergan, a true Goliath, is bent on ensuring that Americans continue to pay the highest possible prices for its drugs … Imprimis will aggressively defend itself against Allergan's frivolous lawsuit and will take action against Allergan to protect its good name, never yielding to Allergan's tactics to limit patient choice and drive up the cost of ophthalmic therapies to Americans.”

Imprimis is not the only company Allergan is suing for this reason. In the same announcement, the company said it was also suing two Florida compounding pharmacies, Prescriber’s Choice and Sincerus Florida.