A quick snapshot by a real estate listing company of the cost of renting office space around the country shows San Diego County to be highly competitive with other regions in California and elsewhere.

For $5,000 a month, someone could get 1,712 square feet of top-of-the-line office space in San Diego, according to a report by COMMERCIALCafe.

That’s more than twice as much office space that $5,000 a month would buy in San Francisco, where it would get 803 square feet of Class A space.

In Los Angeles, $5,000 buys 1,421 square feet, 1,250 square feet in San Jose, and 2,181 square feet in Phoenix.

“Although the dream for many, especially tech ventures is still the Bay Area, the soaring prices in that market can prove prohibitive for some,” said Diana Sabau, COMMERCIALCafe marketing communications specialist. “There is also plenty of room for future office development so there is potential for the market to grow in the coming years.”