San Diego’s health intelligence company Human Longevity Inc. is launching a more affordable version of its high-end and in-depth physical exam program, Health Nucleus.

The original Health Nucleus exam is an eight hour process that costs customers $25,000. But Human Longevity’s newer version, called Health Nucleus X, will be offered at $7,500.

The cheaper program will offer whole genome sequencing, some lab tests, and a full body MRI scan. The customer can add on a microbiome analysis for another $500. The Health Nucleus X takes about three hours instead of eight.

The pilot of the new program is being offered at the Health Nucleus facility in La Jolla from May 1 through June 30. The company expects to open freestanding Health Nucleus X facilities in other cities, as well.

"Building on the success and important health findings from our Health Nucleus Platinum experience, we are pleased to pilot Health Nucleus X which we believe will enable more people to experience the health insights that come from this advanced testing," said Cynthia Collins, CEO of Human Longevity. "Our aim with the Health Nucleus and Health Nucleus X is to give individuals and their physicians the data to create integrated, personalized and proactive health plans for their future.”

Health Nucleus and Health Nucleus X are meant to offer personalized health insights into cancer, neurological, metabolic and cardiovascular disease risk. The company said 570 people have completed the more expensive Health Nucleus program, with 40 percent having had “significant findings” found at an early stage.