Martyn Gross, the founder and former CEO of Clarify Medical, is leaving the medtech startup to pursue other opportunities.

Gross, 33, stepped down from his position as CEO in September 2016 when the company brought on serial entrepreneur James M. Sweeney for the role. At the time, Gross moved into the position of vice president of innovation.

A few months after Sweeney’s takeover, Clarify Medical announced a $3.6 million round of funding — the largest raise in the company’s two-year history.

David Hale, a longtime entrepreneur and investor in the skincare space, was an early investor in Clarify Medical and now chairs the company’s board.

“We are extremely grateful to Martyn for his contribution to the company,” Hale said in a statement. “His vision, creativity and energy have been invaluable in helping develop a new product for patients with chronic skin conditions. We wish Martyn the very best in his new endeavors.”

Clarify Medical is a private company making a hand-held UVB light device that can be used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo. The mobility of the device allows patients to treat their conditions at home instead of visiting doctors or clinics several times a week. This is also helpful to physicians, as they could treat skin conditions without dedicating office space or labor hours for phototherapy.