The startup accelerator founded by San Diego’s DNA tech giant Illumina Inc. is teaming up with Helix, a fast-growing Illumina spinout, to better help early-stage genomics companies.

Illumina’s accelerator mentors and invests money into early-stage companies in the genomics technology space. Throughout the six-month program, companies selected for the accelerator get lab and office space in San Francisco, where Illumina also has a campus.

Helix is now giving startups in Illumina’s accelerator access to Helix’s team of experts.

“From an entrepreneur’s perspective, cost pressures, stringent regulatory and data security requirements, and continually evolving sequencing technologies are barriers to designing, developing, scaling up and commercializing DNA-powered products for everyday life," said Robin Thurston, CEO at Helix. "Through our collaboration with Illumina Accelerator, we hope to provide breakthrough startups with the resources, infrastructure and support to transform their ideas into compelling consumer applications and services that make genomics relevant and accessible to every person based on their unique interests.”

Specifically, Helix will offer mentorship in next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics, applied genomics, software and product development, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, consumer marketing, and business development.

Last month, Helix launched the first online marketplace for DNA-powered products that offer insights on ancestry, entertainment, fitness, health and nutrition. The company is well-known in the tech and genomics community for receiving a $100 million investment in 2015 from Illumina and other investors.

Applications for Illumina Accelerator’s seventh funding cycle are due by Sept. 1. Interested parties can apply at: