Dmitry Shapiro, former CEO of Veoh Networks and more recently a Google executive, is reportedly setting up a company in San Diego called GoMeta Inc.

“We are building a new metaverse, stay tuned,” says a page on the LinkedIn social media website that appears to be Shapiro’s.

The page describes Shapiro as CEO and co-founder of GoMeta. The entertainment industry publication Variety described GoMeta as a “metaverse startup,” saying the business might have something to do with virtual reality or augmented reality technology.

Other social media pages show what appears to be an office typical of a tech startup.

“Welcome to the MetaLair,” says a Facebook page that appears to be Shapiro’s. “We are hiring.” The page links to a GooglePhotos page showing an interior with stone arches, dark wood and heavily upholstered seating.

Shapiro was CEO and founder of Veoh Networks in San Diego. He also worked at Akonix Systems and More recently, he was part of MySpace Music.

If anything, the metaverse plan appears to be ambitious. Next to the statement about the metaverse plan on the LinkedIn page, the author repeats the start of the creation story in the Book of Genesis.