The San Diego Business Journal took home 17 awards at the 43rd Annual Excellence in Journalism Awards dinner on Oct. 25.

They included the coveted Best of Show for a Non-Daily Newspaper for its special section “Balboa Park Beyond 1915: Legacy of the Exposition.” The section, which also won a first place award, celebrated the 100th birthday of one of San Diego’s iconic sites with a historic retrospective. It was produced by Pam Crooks, Suzan Peterson and Patti Anderson.

The Business Journal also took home four first-place awards, five second-place awards and six third-place awards.

First-Place Winners

Brad Graves, “Nature's Nightlight” (Science/Technology)

Emmet Pierce, “Low Barriers Help Companies Make Fast Start” (Business & Financial)

Emmet Pierce, “Taylor Guitars Fights Brand Theft” (Criminal Justice)

Sandie Powers, “Brand Theft” (Feature Layout Design)

Second-Place Winners

Lou Hirsh, “The Aftermath” (Business & Financial)

Michael Lipkin, “They Didn't See It Coming” (History)

Emmet Pierce, “Courts Use Mediation to Ease Overcrowding” (Criminal Justice)

Emmet Pierce, “Practically Speaking” (Education)

Emmet Pierce, “Groundbreasking Space” (Real Estate)

Third-Place Winners

Angela Castillo, “Surfing's Clean Break” (Feature Layout Design)

Michael Lipkin, “Worst-Case Scenario” (Business & Financial)

Brittany Meiling, “Out of the Shadows” (Health & Medicine)

Emmet Pierce, “Navigating the Labor Law Landscape” (Criminal Justice)

Sandie Powers, “The Next Round” (Front Page Design)

Emmet Pierce, “Tech Sector Works to Keep Graduates in Town” (Science/Technology)