LRAD Corp. said on Sept. 9 that it received a $1.2 million order for sound systems and accessories from an unnamed customer in Asia.

LRAD (Nasdaq: LRAD) indicated this was not the customer’s first order. The devices will be mounted on vehicles and used for military and police applications.

The Rancho Bernardo business, which had $24.6 million in revenue last year, builds electronic devices that send highly directional sound waves over very long distances. It counts customers in more than 70 countries, including governments and militaries. Public safety agencies in more than 100 U.S. cities, counties and states have the devices. At least one concern has deployed LRAD devices at a mining site, to keep wildlife away from hazardous pools of water.

LRAD’s most powerful device can send sound over a distance of 5.5 kilometers (more than 3 miles). The company has also introduced a mass-notification system that sends sound out over 360 degrees. Tom Brown is the company’s CEO.