Biocept Inc., a molecular diagnostics company developing liquid biopsies to improve the detection and treatment of cancer, entered into a clinical collaboration with Sarah Cannon Research Institute, the research arm of Sarah Cannon, the global cancer enterprise of Hospital Corp. of America.

The collaboration seeks to determine the clinical utility of detecting biomarkers present in circulating tumor cell and circulating tumor DNA in blood samples for estrogen-positive breast cancer patients using Biocept’s OncoCEE technology.

“The goal of our collaboration with Sarah Cannon is to identify biomarkers that can be evaluated through a simple blood draw, without continually performing tissue biopsies on a patient,” said Veena Singh, Biocept’s senior vice president and senior medical director. “By using a blood sample to screen these patients, we seek to help more patients qualify for new drug therapies that can more effectively target cancer.”

Biocept offers a highly sensitive and quantitative blood-based method for the detection and monitoring of biomarkers, which can lead to physicians making better informed treatment decisions based on genomic information.

The collaboration is designed to demonstrate the utility of Biocept’s liquid biopsy diagnostics to detect biomarker status in cancer patients, and for the assessment of tumor treatment response over time.