California has awarded San Diego-based Envision Solar International Inc. a one-year contract to supply its solar-powered electric car recharging stations to state departments and municipal agencies, the company said Thursday. The contract could be extended through 2018.

Envision’s car recharger uses an array of solar panels, instead of hooking into an existing power grid. The company says its product can be deployed without a building permit. The EV ARC recharger generates enough electricity to power 150 miles of driving per day.

"California has about 40 percent of the United States' EVs," CEO Desmond Wheatley said. "Our EV ARC product is the perfect solution for a state that requires a scalable, sustainable and easily deployable EV charging infrastructure that does not require trenching or foundations and can be easily moved.”

Envision said its product can help the state realize its goal of cutting gas used in cars by 50 percent by 2030.