The owner of the St. Louis Rams, Stan Kroenke, is joining forces with Stockbridge Capital Group, the owners of Hollywood Park, to build an 80,000-seat stadium to bring the Rams back to the Los Angeles area in Inglewood, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The developers said that no tax dollars would be used to build the stadium, and there is a plan to circulate a petition to put the issue before voters this year, with construction completed by 2016, the story said.

In addition to the football-focused stadium, developers also plan a 6,000-seat performance venue.

Both the Rams and Oakland Raiders have been seeking new stadiums from their respective cities without any success, prompting increased speculation that either one or both teams will relocate to Los Angeles, which hosted the two teams until 1994.

The Rams’ relocation appeared more realistic after Kroenke’s purchase of 60 acres next to the Forum in Inglewood last year. Although that site isn’t large enough to accommodate a stadium and parking lot, when combined with the nearly 300 acres at Hollywood Park, it would clearly be enough for both venues as well as planned commercial and residential development.

The project would certainly impact the San Diego Chargers, which have said up to 30 percent of their fans are based in Orange and Los Angeles counties. The Chargers have been trying to get a new stadium built here since 2002, stating that the team cannot compete with other franchises in Qualcomm Stadium, which was built in 1967.

Two separate stadium projects were launched in recent years in the Los Angeles area - in downtown next to the Convention Center by AEG, and in the City of Industry by developer Ed Roskie.

Neither project has gone too far, although AEG’s has the full support of the City Council. Yet neither has been able to sign a franchise.

Complicating the matter is the NFL’s mandate that no relocation will be permitted this year.