LRAD Corp., which makes electronics that send highly directional amplified sound over long distances, said on Dec. 29 that it received a $710,000 order for model 1000Xi systems and accessories. The company did not list a specific customer; it only said that the gear would be used at Latin American prisons.

Rancho Bernardo-based LRAD said its model 1000Xi system can send intelligible voice commands as far as 3 kilometers — roughly 2 miles.

“The superior voice intelligibility and extended frequency range of the LRAD 1000Xi safely alters behavior, disperses inmates, facilitates cell extractions, establishes standoff zones between guards and prisoners, disrupts prisoner communication, alleviates the escalation of force during fights, riots, hostage and barricaded subject situations, and quickly resolves uncertain situations to prevent injuries and save lives,” the manufacturer said in a statement.

Earlier in December, LRAD (Nasdaq: LRAD) announced orders totaling $735,000 for an unnamed utility installation in the southeastern United States and for an Asian customer.

Separately, on Dec. 15, LRAD announced that it had modified a firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract with the U.S. Navy so the San Diego company could also sell to the U.S. Army. The contract has two and a half years remaining.