Trovagene Inc., a cell-free molecular diagnostic company, announced that recent clinical data showed its urine-based Precision Cancer Monitoring platform outperformed traditional tissue biopsy for the detection and monitoring of specific mutations in metastatic lung cancer patients.

The data was presented at the 2015 European Lung Cancer Conference by Dr. Hatim Husain from the University of California, San Diego Moores Cancer Center.

In an interim analysis of 34 patients from an ongoing clinical study, Trovagene's platform detected the T790M mutation in all patients who were positive for the mutation in tissue biopsy. Trovagene’s (Nasdaq: TROV) urine-based test identified additional patients as T790M-positive, including those who had clinical suspicion of T790M-progressive disease, but were either negative by tissue biopsy or had not yet undergone tissue biopsy for confirmation.

Trovagene's platform detected epidermal growth factor receptor T790M resistance mutations months earlier than radiologic detection of progression in patients.