Human Longevity Inc., the J. Craig Venter-backed outfit that recently raised $70 million in Series A to help extend the human lifespan through genomics and informatics, has a trio of new hires to help steer its C-suite.

It has hired Bradley Perkins as its chief medical officer, Yaron Turpaz as its chief information officer, and Felix Frueh as its chief scientific officer.

Perkins will oversee all clinical and therapeutic operations at the company, which includes developing the consumer clinics business and stem cell therapeutics.

Perkins was previously chief transformation officer at Vanguard Health Systems, overseeing the 46,000-employee health services provider’s strategy and innovation initiatives. Among his many roles at the system, Perkins started a $167 million venture capital fund at Vanguard.

He has worked at the Centers for Disease Control, and co-discovered a bacteria that causes cat scratch disease which led to several new bacterial meningitis and pneumonia vaccines, according to Human Longevity.

Working closely with the CDC director, he built a $2 billion state-of-the-art emergency response capability and positioned the improvement of population health as a focus of the health care reform movement within the White House at that time, Human Longevity said.

Turpaz will build the company’s genomic and phenotypic databases, and will lead the bioinformatics and software engineering efforts at Human Longevity, the company said. He worked recently at AstraZeneca as the vice president of research and development information technology. He’s worked extensively with big data analytics, Human Longevity said.

Frueh, as chief scientific officer, will lead all genomic operations and will help partner with both academia and the pharmaceutical industry. He most recently was an executive partner at Opus Three LLC, a consulting group that provides strategic advice for the pharmaceutical, diagnostics and venture capital arenas.