Election Day is here, but few of us will be making a trek to the polls, according to a report from National University System Institute for Policy Research, a privately funded think tank.

Using election data from the county Registrar of Voters, specifically the absentee ballots returned, NUSIPR predicted a local turnout ranging from 18 to 23 percent of eligible voters.

In the city of San Diego, Democrats lead in the absentee ballot count, but Republican ballots returned are leading in two San Diego City Council races, in Districts 2 and 6, the report said.

Most folks vote these days using the absentee ballot, while only 20 to 30 percent will cast their votes at polling locations on Election Day, NUSIPR said. Combined with absentee ballots, the total ballot tally will be about 30,000.

NUSIPR’s Vince Vasquez, who wrote the report, attributes the forecast low turnout to voter fatigue.