Whistle while you work?

If you’re working in San Diego, that may be the case. A recent survey by Career Bliss, a national online career service, found that the city ranked ninth highest on a list of the happiest cities to work.

At the top of the list is San Jose, followed by Washington, D.C.; San Francisco; Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

The ranking was based on the responses of thousands of employees who submitted independent company reviews, evaluating their work culture and identifying factors that impact overall workplace happiness.

The service also ranked the cities where employees were the unhappiest at their jobs. Cincinnati, Ohio captured the dubious crown followed by Orlando, Fla.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Denver, Col.; and Pittsburgh, Penn.

Among the factors that employees evaluated were the relationship with their boss and co-workers; work environment; compensation; growth opportunities company culture; company reputation; and job control of daily work performed.

San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley, has a large concentration of high-tech jobs that are usually higher paying and come with innovative work environments, said Career Bliss. Factors that ranked high among respondents of the happier cities were opportunity for growth and an employee’s relationship with co-workers.