Kim Richards, principal with San Diego-based KDR PR, is headed to Doha, Qatar in late October to attend education conferences.

One gathering Oct. 27-28 will focus on using the arts as a way to help educate students in science, technology, engineering and math. The four numbers-heavy disciplines are collectively called STEM. Educators have coined the term STEAM to describe the merger of arts with the other disciplines.

Proponents of STEAM say the approach gets the right brain and left brain working together effectively.

The conference in Qatar, dubbed the STEAM Roundtable, will feature 25 STEAM and school leaders, including 17 from the United States. The Qatar Foundation International and New York Academy of Sciences are behind the gathering.

Immediately following, Richards will attend the World Innovation Summit for Education conference in the same city. The WISE conference is expected to draw 1,000 people from 100 countries.

Richards founded KDR PR in 2011.

— SDBJ Staff Report