DriveCam Inc., a San Diego provider of recording equipment installed in vehicles to help drivers improve their driving, changed its name to Lytx Inc.

CEO Brandon Nixon said the new company name “reflects the evolution of our business and exemplifies our company vision.”

“We started out as DriveCam and the name has served us well, but our value has never truly come from devices. It comes from the way we provide our clients with insights and understanding that form the cornerstones of their world-class safety programs,” Nixon said.

The business that was founded in 1998 and has about 500 commercial and fleet clients said it will retain the former name on its flagship product as DriveCam powered by Lytx.

Spokesman Greg Lund said the company took several months to develop a rebranding of the company that involved its clients, partners and the public. He declined to reveal what the company spent on that project or what has been the reaction of clients.

“We wanted to emphasize what really makes us special,” Lund said. “We’re not just about cameras, but about a patented technology we have and our ability to analyze that data.”

Privately-held Lytx doesn’t reveal financial information, but has about 240 employees, the majority of whom work in San Diego.

In recent months, Lytx said it won major contracts from FTS International, and KeHE Distributors. Among its largest clients are Sysco Corp. and Waste Management Inc.

— Mike Allen