5D Robotics, a San Diego-based robotics software company, announced it is collaborating with the U.S. Army, Segway Inc. and DRS Technologies to develop robots that will help carry some of the gear load which soldiers need today.

The company’s Behavior Engine software, which has been shown to reduce training time and lower human workloads, will be integrated into robot platforms that are made by Segway and DRS.

The Behavior Engine software has “follow-me” and obstacle avoidance safety capabilities.

The Army is looking for ways to help lighten the load that soldier’s must carry in an effort to prevent injuries.

“We are committed to finding ways to help reduce fatigue and increase the safety of solders in the field. Our 5D BE software enables robots to carry hundreds of pounds of gear, yet still remain agile in the complex terrain that soldiers often find themselves in,” said David Bruemmer, 5D vice president, in a statement.

— SDBJ Staff Report