Vois Inc., a San Diego business developing a new type of EEG headset, said it received a first tranche of funding needed to complete the prototype for the micro headset.

While neither the funding amount nor the source were disclosed, Vois said it needs about $250,000 to finalize the software operating system and design work to bring the product to market.

The company said the uses for the technology are endless and can be applied to many aspects of living. “Not only can it be used for operating a smart home, controlling applications on our phones and computers, it can be used for neurofeedback in the studying and training of our brains for optimal cognitive performance in any area of life from work and academics to sports,” said CEO Kerry Driscoll.

So far the device was tested successfully on several Android and Samsung tablets and smart phones that interact directly with the mind, the company said.

— SDBJ Staff Report