San Diego-based TAAZ Inc. recently announced that the company installed 10 virtual try-on mirrors in Marks & Spencer locations, a women’s retailer in the United Kingdom.

The virtual mirror technology allows consumers to see what they look like wearing any combination of cosmetics or nail polish before they make a purchase.

Additionally, consumers can browse different looks using a style finder and view how-to videos that show how to re-create certain looks.

“If we do our job right, we will end buyer’s remorse,” Vipanj Patel, CEO of TAAZ, said in a statement. “This technology is especially valuable in an industry with so many choices and possible combinations. With the systems we’ve developed, you no longer have to wonder if a particular shade of eye shadow or color of lipstick is right for you.”

The service offered at Marks & Spencer locations is also available online at where users can experiment with a virtual makeover by uploading a photo and then trying on hairstyles, changing hair color and applying makeup.

“The days of old-fashioned dressing rooms are numbered,” Patel said in a statement. “More often you will try on clothes and products virtually — with technology that simulates what it’s like to wear that makeup, sport those sunglasses or hold that handbag.”

—SDBJ Staff Report