Wells Fargo & Co., now the largest mortgage lender in the nation, said it will host nine home preservation workshops for distressed borrowers facing financial hardships, including one in San Diego on March 21.

Wells, which has more than $1.4 trillion in assets, said it is inviting thousands of customers to the free workshops who may be experiencing mortgage payment challenges.

When possible, the borrowers will receive a decision on a workout, loan modification, or other options, on site or shortly after the workshop, Wells said.

Joe Ohayon, Wells Fargo senior vice president of community outreach with Wells Fargo Mortgage, said the workshops give customers the opportunity to meet face-to-face with specialists to discuss possible options to help them keep their homes.

“Although less than 2 percent of homeowner-occupied loans in our portfolio have resulted in foreclosure sale over the past year, helping struggling mortgage customers find options to help them stay in their homes is a top priority,” he said.

Advance registration for the event, which opens Feb.11, is strongly recommended to guarantee the ability to meet with a bank representative. Online registration can be done at ww.wfhmevents.com/leadingtewayhome, or by calling 1-800-405-8067.

—SDBJ Staff Report