Carlsbad-based ViaSat Inc. recently said it shipped its 500th ultra-small satellite antenna, called the VR-12. The antenna allows communication with Ku-band satellites.

The product is designed for military and lightweight general aviation aircraft. ViaSat says the model is appropriate for aircraft owners who want to limit the size, weight and power of their communications gear. However, the model is not just for small planes. Among the notable VR-12 airframe systems is a “hatch mount” version, an integrated antenna system and housing that drops into the escape hatch of a C-130 Hercules military transport plane. ViaSat says the modular system lets military personnel quickly configure the ubiquitous C-130 for satellite communications.

ViaSat also says it is developing similarly sized equipment for Ka band — another type of satellite communication technology.

Shares of ViaSat trade on the Nasdaq under the symbol VSAT.

— SDBJ Staff Report