Health care costs have increased an average of 7.8 percent in San Diego over the past year, according to an employee benefits survey released recently by San Diego-based Intercare Insurance Solutions, a subsidiary of Chicago-based brokerage Hub International Ltd.

This compares with a national increase of 6.5 percent, according to a report from global consultancy PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

The survey polled 114 area employers ranging in size from six employees to 23,000, representing a wide gamut of industries, Intercare said.

More than half of the employers surveyed increased the amount of the premium they pass along to employees. There’s been a decrease in HMO/PPO plans, but a 30 percent increase in consumer-driven health plans.

About three quarters of the companies said they had plans to begin a wellness program within two years.

— Meghana Keshavan