Biocom, the trade association of San Diego’s life sciences industry, became the latest group to call for Mayor Bob Filner to resign.

The group said Biocom’s board of directors voted unanimously to urge Filner to resign immediately.

Joe Panetta, Biocom’s CEO, said, “Nothing even vaguely resembling this level of behavior would ever be tolerated in the private sector. At a time when the life science community in San Diego has enjoyed unprecedented success, the city of San Diego itself has effectively become a punch line, and the mayor’s credibility has been damaged beyond the point of any reasonable expectation of rehabilitation.”

Filner’s office announced he completed two weeks of therapy at a private, undisclosed facility, but was taking more personal time off as of Aug. 12.

Filner apologized for improper behavior toward women including some on his staff, but he has maintained that he is not guilty of sexual harassment.

Filner’s former communications director filed a sexual harassment lawsuit last month alleging she was a victim of unwanted sexual requests.

An effort to recall Filner has been organizing for weeks. The organizers said it will begin gathering signatures Aug. 18. The law covering recalls requires about 101,000 valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. The question that would be put before voters would ask if Filner should be recalled; a second question would ask who should take his place as mayor.

Last week, two holdout San Diego councilwomen, Marti Emerald and Myrtle Cole, announced they could no longer support Filner and asked him to resign.

— Mike Allen