Carlsbad-based Life Technologies Corp. announced it has opened a new DNA forensics laboratory in Gurgaon, India. The lab will provide DNA profiling services aimed, in particular, to help the police force identify criminals or dead bodies, the company said.

“Life Technologies DNA Forensics Laboratory will reduce the burden on the existing forensic system and address the requirements of DNA database generation for unidentified dead bodies or other crime investigations,” Devashish Ohri, managing director of Life Technologies South Asia, said in a statement. “We are looking forward to partnering with the state and central government laboratories to assist in the establishment of a DNA database project.”

The company said that last year, conviction rates for violent crimes in India increased overall by 25 percent, with 21.3 percent of those crimes being committed against women. The country has 28 laboratories dedicated to forensic DNA investigation, however, many of them have sample backlogs, including the State of Delhi Forensic Science Laboratory, which in January of this year reported a backlog of 862 criminal cases, Life Technologies said in a statement.

The Forensic laboratories in India have been using Life Technologies reagents and instruments for more than 15 years, the statement said.

— SDBJ Staff Report