Parallel 6 has rolled out a new software product that lets hoteliers, theme park operators and others in the hospitality business interact with their customers via smartphones.

The company’s Captive Reach Enterprise Mobile Technology Platform pushes out customized messages to help influence guest behavior.

The message sent depends on where the guest is on the property.

For example, Captive Reach allows hotels to set a “geofence” around their location and send out push notifications in real time with preset content when guests are near site, on-site, or even walk on or off the property.

These messages can look like promotions, loyalty rewards, or even suggestions to visit a hotel restaurant, retailer or sponsor.

The software writer said its product allows hotels to sell future stays, upsell current ones, communicate amenities, and promote hotel vendors directly through the hospitality brand’s mobile app.

The ultimate goal is increased sales — or in hospitality parlance, put heads in beds.

The firm offers similar software for the casino and gaming industry.

Parallel 6 recently moved into new offices, in Old Town.

David Turner is CEO of Parallel 6.

— SDBJ Staff Report